5 Best Dentists in Izmir, Turkey

5 Best Dentists in Izmir, Turkey

1. Prime Dental Turkey

İzmir Prime Dental Turkey

Prime Dental Turkey has been treating the patients with professionalism for years. The years of experience in dental treatments such as implants, cosmetic dentistry, crowns, veneers led us to success. Our results show our quality in dentistry, however, we still want to talk about How we Work. You can understand and trust us better this way.

In order to be a dental center in Turkey you have to be a fully equipped dental clinic where a patient can get an X-ray or Ct-Scan and pick their dentist in a dentist team. If a clinic wants to be a clinic where international patients come then there are a few other steps that the clinic has to take. The first step is being legally approved by Turkish Health Ministry and Turkish Tourism Ministry. The clinic gets investigated by agents who come from these ministries mentioned before. These investigations are important because the clinic needs to prove a huge scale of requirements, from work ethics to sterilization standards. Second step is informing Turkish Health Ministry about every international patient. The treatment that you got will be known by the authorities. That’s how we can offer a dental guarantee to our patients.

Prime Dental Turkey is one of the fully approved clinic centers in Turkey. We’ve four foreign language speakers (French, English, Korean and German) in our international patient department and we offer personal hosts to our patients. We know that language may be the greatest barrier between patient and dentist that’s why we have professional translators with you. That’s a very crucial point, if an example is needed ; you want dental veneers and you want them pointy but the dentist has no idea about what pointy teeth are. That’d be frustrating for a patient who comes from a 3 hours flight and stays in a country where he/she doesn’t know. In Prime Dental, you don’t get only a treatment, you’ll have the best service as well. You’ll be clearly understood, here.

We mind about documents and things that support our professionalism. That’s why we send an email to our patients about their estimated treatment plan in pdf form. We do that because we want patients to know that there will not be an extra cost when they come here and they are under legal protection if something goes wrong.

We have mentioned our approvals, professionalism and translators but if you’re willing to come to a dental clinic the most important thing is your dentists, of course. We have a dentist team of experts which means Oral Surgeons, Prosthesis Expert, Cosmetic Dentist, Orthodontist, Pedodontist and Endodontist. The treatment that you will get from us is going to be done by an expert who has a PhD in his/her area. Sometimes the patient wants a singular treatment like cosmetic dentistry with veneers and if they are suitable for this treatment then Prosthodontist will be enough for the patient. However in some cases (e.g implants) there are medical dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in one treatment. In these cases patients meet with two dentists (an oral surgeon and cosmetic dentist in this example) and the treatment is planned and done by two dentists.

If it’s your first time in Turkey or if you don’t want to deal with hotels and everything, just tell us to give you a full package which includes your treatment, accommodation, transfers. For short, pretty much everything. We can guide you through your dental treatment journey not only in the clinic also outside of the clinic. You might want to travel in the city to see the ancient historic places (Ephesus, Sirince, Bergama) or maybe you want to go to a great beach in summer but you don’t know how to reach these places. Tell us what you want and we’re going to prepare the transfers that you’ll need. You’ll think less and enjoy more! You can change your treatment into a holiday this way.

At last but not least, we want to explain how our guarantee works. There are different treatments and different durability standards as you can imagine. But instead of saying something is durable or not we boldy give the patient guarantee about it. Prime Dental Turkey’s guarantee works in two different ways; Minor Complications and Major Complications. In Minor Complications we compensate your homeland treatments and in major complications we compensate your flights and treatments which are needed. Since we work with the best dentist team and the best dental lab in our city we don’t expect a complication, of course. However, you’ve been reading about professionalism of ours for 5 minute and being professional also means acting before problems occur.

2. Dentomega Dental Clinic

İzmir Dentomega Dental Clinic

Smile safely, because everything starts with a smile.

Our clinic was established in 2018 in Bayraklı District of Izmir. Our mission; In line with the current information, we aim to provide service by prioritizing patient rights and satisfaction.
Our investment as Dentomega family is aimed to bring together the latest technologies of 2018 and to provide the best quality and fastest service to our patients. Thanks to our team of experts and our dynamic team, we believe that we are bringing the quality of service out of the ordinary and giving a new perspective to dentistry.

Dentomega Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic provides services in all branches of dentistry by using innovative treatment methods and advanced technology products.

Our clinic is designed according to the Ministry of Health in accordance with the use of disabilities. 4 clinics, panoramic and cephalometric x-ray room, photo studio, sterilization room, patient waiting room, children’s playground, doctor rest room, staff rest room, kitchen, archive and laboratory units within the body. it is hosting.

Our Mission
The principle of honesty is to provide services by prioritizing patient rights and satisfaction in the light of current information with our expert staff.

Our Vision
The aim of the course is to provide health care services that protect and improve oral and dental health in the field of dentistry with the help of its expert and dynamic staff.

Our Quality Values
Our company summarizes the quality and service understanding with the passion for ”reaching perfection Firm. Our company aims to be among the successful companies in the sector is proud to serve our valuable patients.

3. Smyrna Dental Clinic

İzmir Smyrna Dental Clinic

Our clinic was established to make high quality dental services accessible.

We evaluate all the patients who referred to us individually and decide the best treatment option for her/him please check “our services” below. We fix not only health problems with your teeth but also the aesthetic problems with your smile. Experienced specialists in different field of dentistry are waiting for you in our fully equipped, hygienic in world standarts, home like dental clinic. Our greatest source of happiness is to see our patients smiling faces after our treatment.

We invite you to İzmir- The Pearl of The Aegean Sea- for pearly smiles.

4. Dentalglobal Dental Clinic

İzmir Dentaglobal Dental Clinic

At Dentaglobal Dental Clinic, we focus on providing high quality treatment to patients from all over the world. We offer all kinds of dental treatments, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and implantology and are based in the heart of Izmir, right across from the popular Folkart Towers landmark.

Our team consists of highly experienced and friendly dentists from all fields, which enables us to offer high quality treatment for all of your dental needs.

We aim to put our patients in full control of their oral health by providing detailed but comprehensible explanations about necessary treatments each step of the way. It is also important that we work with a preventative approach to ensure your teeth withstand the wear and tear of day-to-day life without any discomfort.

Our expert dentists will explain your options fully and help you to choose the best treatment plan for your needs.

By choosing Dentaglobal, you will be able to take advantage of all the perks that dental treatment abroad can offer, including our state-of-the-art dental hospital, luxurious residential facilities and most importantly, our team of dedicated dentists, all of whom lead the way in their areas of expertise.

Our clinic team will make sure you have a comfortable stay with round-the-clock care, while our concierge team are also on hand to meet your every need. Choose Dentaglobal Dental Clinic for treatment abroad and enjoy an all-inclusive package with accommodation, driver service and high quality dental care.

5. Dent Glow Clinic

İzmir Dent Glow Clinic

At Dent Glow, our focus is to work in a friendly and professional atmosphere. One of our priorities is to follow cutting-edge dental technologies to ensure the best possible care and treatment for our patients. Your comfort and satisfaction are of the upmost importance to us. By utilizing open communication, we take the time to listen and address our patient’s concerns in order to establish a trusting and long-lasting relationship.

Moreover, our dental team is here to serve you along with our laboratory team which is within our own structure. We believe that having our own laboratory is an exclusive plus for us to give you your most desired smile.